Donate to a Student

Search for the student you wish to support. To get the best results, type the full first name and full name last of the student.

For privacy reasons, only school names will return in search results. Student names will not display.

When results return:

  • Select the school that the student you are supporting attends. Make sure you select the school with the correct address.
  • If two students at the same school have the same name, multiple results for the school will return and provide grade numbers.
  • If you’re unsure what grade the student you are supporting is in, please reach out to the family or make a donation to the school and provide the student’s name when prompted.
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Donate to a School

Search for the school you wish to support.

Make sure you select the school with the correct address.


  • Try removing an accent or punctuation.
  • If your school has a hyphen in the name then please be sure to include the hypen in your search or just search for one of the words.
  • Be careful when using short form. Try using different short forms of the word, long form or simply search using another word in the school's name.
  • Be more general in your search. Instead of entering the full name of the school search for only one word.

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