Ways to Volunteer

Join our team of 90,000 volunteers to canvass, connect and collect for life-saving research.

There are three volunteer roles for the Heart & Stroke Canvass:

  1. Canvasser: A volunteer who collects donations and delivers life-saving information to neighbours, friends, family and colleagues. (Visit Resources for more information.)
  2. Team Captain: A volunteer who leads and supports a team of canvassers and may also choose to be a canvasser. (Visit Resources for more information.)
  3. Zone Leader: A volunteer who leads and supports a team of captains and may also choose to be a canvasser.

You’ll play a vital role in helping family, friends and neighbours live longer, healthier lives, free of heart disease and stroke. And it all starts with your community.

Community is what makes Heart & Stroke Canvass successful year after year. Whether you canvass in person, online, or both, the greater your reach the more of a difference you’ll make. Neighbours, family, friends, co-workers, teammates, and your online social network will benefit from the signs of heart attack you’ll share. And they’ll be happy to support your drive for life-saving research.

And if you want to help others grow in their role, you can become a Team Captain to support other canvassers, or become a Zone Leader to support captains.

Gold Heart Canvasser

A Gold Heart Canvasser raises $500 or more. As a Gold Heart Canvasser, you will receive a gold, heart-shaped lapel pin engraved with “2018” as a memento of your significant accomplishment.

Other volunteer opportunities

Interested in other volunteer opportunities? We’re always grateful for any way you choose to help:

  • Volunteer to support the campaign at your local office. Help us build and distribute kits, provide office support, and much more.
  • Host a My Own Fundraiser. We’ve got the advice and tools to make your fundraising event a success.