Making A Difference

With your support, the Heart Month Campaign has grown from a modest Ontario door-to-door effort in 1958 to a national initiative involving thousands of volunteers.

The goal? That hasn’t changed. We want to give Canadians more: More hope. More time. More life. And more moments together.

If you or someone close to you has suffered from heart disease or stroke, you’re not alone. We’re still faced with devastating numbers.

  • Heart disease and stroke take a life every seven minutes in Canada.
  • The #1 cause of premature death in women in Canada is heart disease and stroke. You can help change that. The money you raise supports life-saving research, and helps us support people in your own community and across Canada.

Why our volunteers give back

  • Carol, an Okanagan Heart Month Volunteer for 28 years knows the value of sharing the signs of heart attack. She’s survived three of them and wants to help others do the same.
  • Rob's, wife Carma was a Heart Month Volunteer who suffered a serious stroke at the age of 48. Rob decided to volunteer for both of them to share life-saving information. You can too by sharing the signs of a stroke with as many people as possible.

Here’s your chance to save a life!

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