Fundraising FAQs

Q: What does fundraising involve?
A: Fundraising involves asking for donations and sharing life-saving information with your neighbours, friends, family, co-workers either in person or online.

Q: What should I say?
A: You will be provided with a Fundraising Kit, which contains tips for success and sample responses.

Q: What is the life-saving information I will be sharing?
A: You will be sharing a brochure containing women's heart and brain health statistics, as well as signs of heart attack and stroke.

Q: Is there a certain amount that I have to raise?
A: No, but we encourage you to set a personal fundraising goal. If you raise $300 or more, you will push the status quo.

Q: What should I say if someone asks how Heart & Stroke uses donor dollars?
A: You can say: “Heart & Stroke uses donations to fund life-saving research, advocacy and health promotion.” You can also direct them to the “Our impact” page of our website .

Q: What should I do if someone says they have already donated to Heart & Stroke?
A: Please thank them for donating to Heart & Stroke and give them a #TimeToSeeRed brochure.

Q: How should I respond if someone says “no” they don’t want to donate, or they support another charity?
A: You can say: “Thank you anyway. I would like to share with you the signs of heart attack and information about how women may experience signs differently,” and hand them the brochure.

Q: Why are credit card donations only accepted online?
A: Heart & Stroke is committed to privacy and Payment Card Industry Security Standards. For this reason, credit card donations are only accepted online through our secure site. Donors can donate directly on your personal fundraising page. You can find full instructions in your Fundraising Kit.

Q: How do I respond to questions about the privacy of volunteer and donor names?
A: Protecting the privacy of our volunteers and donors is very important to Heart & Stroke. You can review our full Privacy Policy , and direct additional questions to:
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