Thank you for donating!

No matter how you choose to give, your donation will help fund crucial research that’s saving lives and finding ways to support survivors and their families. Thanks to donations (including those raised through events like the Manulife Heart & Stroke Ride for Heart), $31 million went to researchers in hospitals and universities across Canada last year alone. Let’s beat that!


Sponsor a Participant

Search the person's name above and go to their fundraising page. Then click the DONATE NOW button and follow the prompts. They're going to thank you — big time!

Sponsor a Group or Corporate Challenge Team

Click the “Find a Team” button above and search for the team name. Click on the Team/Group name, then click the DONATE NOW button and follow the prompts.

Give to the Ride for Heart

Make a general donation to the event and help fund research.

Offline Gifts

You can give offline too! Here’s how:

  • Donate directly to a participant (with cash or cheque): The participant you’re sponsoring will complete an offline fundraising form and submit the funds to us before or on event day. Any donations submitted on event day a tax receipt will be mailed to you after the event and these funds will not show up on the participants online page, but will contribute to the greater fundraising goal!
  • Call the Ride line at 416-486-RIDE (7433). Please ensure you know the name of the participant, group or team that you would like to sponsor.

Thank you so much for donating! Your generosity is truly amazing — and appreciated.

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