Frequently Asked Questions


We appreciate your courage! Sharing your story inspires compassion, gratitude, hope, and generosity in others. Thank you.

Please share your story family’s story with and start the Subject line with Our Family Story. Be sure to include your province, town and school in the body of your email so that we can connect you with a local Heart & Stroke representative.
We strongly encourage parents to support their children’s fundraising efforts by asking for support from family, friends, work colleagues and close neighbours; both online and off. For tips on how to get started online, please visit Parents’ Corner.

To collect donations offline, use your pledge envelope or printed pledge form to record tax receipting information from each donor. Secure all cash and cheque donations in your pledge envelope or in a blank envelope with the printed pledge form attached (Really well! With two pieces of tape or staples.)
To join your child’s school and start fundraising online, please follow these instructions:

Further instructions are available here, under questions 3, 4 and 5 to help you set-up your child’s personal fundraising page, share their personal page link, and email their fundraising page to family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.

If you have questions or experience technical issues, please contact
To start registering another child, search for their school here and read the tips below.

  • If you use the same email address to register another child, please be sure to use a different Username and First name
  • Parents have enough to remember! Use the same passwords for all of your child’s accounts and keep their Username in an easy-to-find place like a desktop note or personal email draft.
  • We know it’s tempting (or maybe a reflex), but don’t save the password to your children’s accounts on your web browser. It can make it difficult to login and logout between children.
  • Always logout before leaving the website. This will make it easier to switch between multiple accounts
Alternatively, you can log in to your first child’s account and use the ‘Register Another Child’ button in the ‘Command Centre’ section of their Participant Centre homepage. If you make a donation to your first child before registering another, you can also use the ‘Register Another Child’ link provided on the donation confirmation page.
To update your child’s personal page, please follow these instructions:

    • 1. Log in to your child’s Participant Centre
    • 2. Click on the ‘Update your fundraiser with a picture and tell us why you jump’ in the ‘Next Steps’ section
    • 3. Edit the Title and Body of your child’s personal page and upload a photo
    • 4. Click the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page to save your changes

    Tip: Your child’s Participant Centre will time out after 20 minutes, so it might be best to write your updates in advance, then and paste them to your ‘Personal Page’ tab

To find your child’s personal page link, please follow these instructions:

    • 1. Log in to your child’s Participant Centre
    • 2. Locate the section ‘Share with family and friends’ at the top of your Participant Centre
    • 3. Click ‘Copy URL’ and paste it into the text, email or social post you’d like to share
To email your child’s personal page, please follow these instructions:

    • 1. Log in to your child’s Participant Centre
    • 2. Click on the ‘Email’ tab or use the ‘Send email to your friends and family’ button in the ‘Next Steps’ section
    • 3. Select one of the pre-written emails provided
    • 4. Customize the greeting with your supporter’s name and the salutation with your child’s name
    • 5. Use the ‘Add Contact’ button to enter your donor’s email address
    • 6. Review the email and click on the ‘Send’ button at the bottom of the page
Donors may have donated to your child’s school or the general Jump Rope for Heart campaign rather than to your child’s personal page by mistake.

To ensure all donations are made to your child’s personal page, please share their personal page by following these instructions.

If a donation was already made and is not appearing on your child’s personal page, please provide the following information to jumprope@heartandstroke.cato assign the donation to your child:
  • Child’s First and Last Name
  • Child’s School
  • Donor First Name
  • Donor Last Name
  • Donation Amount
Once a donation has been made, we are not able to split the donation between fundraisers. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.
If your child’s school offers prizes, the physical Thank You prize and Online Bonus skipping rope will be delivered to your child’s school 4-6 weeks after their Jump Event. Teachers will distribute these prizes to students at school.

With respect to the Online Bonus gift cards, you will receive an email to the address used to register your child within 24-48 hours of achieving the fundraising milestone (i.e. 24-48 hours after reaching or surpassing $150 or $350 raised online). The email will prompt you to visit the portal, enter your Redemption Code, and select your Online Bonus gift card from the available options: Indigo,, Canadian Tire and Mastermind Toys.

Indigo and cards are electronic gift cards that are delivered via email within 24-48 hours of your selection. Canadian Tire and Mastermind Toys cards are plastic gift cards that are delivered via post approximately 7 to 10 business days from the time of your selection.

With the exception of Canadian Tire cards, all of the Online Bonus gift cards can be redeemed online or in-store. Canadian Tire gift cards only are only redeemable in-store.
As a trusted kids’ health fundraiser and education program, we do our best to ensure that every child across Canada who earned a Thank You prize receives one. To this end, we cannot allow custom prize selections, switches, or purchases on a case-by-case basis. This helps us ensure that enough of every Thank You prize is available for every child across Canada who reaches their fundraising goal.
Heart & Stroke and the Jump Rope for Heart program specifically encourages and incentivizes online fundraising for the following reasons:

  • Children and families have more success fundraising online as they tend to raise almost double than those who use the pledge envelope alone. For participants, this means reaching their fundraising goals and feeling great about giving back. For Heart & Stroke, it means double the funds for live-saving breakthroughs in prevention, treatment and recovery. In fact, some participants donate the Online Bonus prizes they earn back to Heart & Stroke to raise even more!
  • It is a safe way for children and families to collect donations. We've heard concerns from parents and teachers alike about children carrying money on their person or going door-to-door in neighborhoods without parental involvement. It is also a secure way for children and families to collect donations from friends and family who live far away. If you do wish to go door-to-door in your neighborhood asking for donations, be sure to accompany your child.
  • It is more efficient and advantageous for schools to fundraise online. When students collect their donations online, teachers and administrators spend less time collecting and counting pledge envelopes. It is also easier for schools to track progress toward their school goal online, as they can view online donations in real-time and download a complete fundraising report on the school’s total online impact and top online fundraisers.
  • It is an efficient and sustainable way for donors to give. When a donor gives online, they receive an electronic tax receipt immediately to their inbox for a seamless experience - no postage or transport is required and filing is paperless!
  • It helps Heart & Stroke save on administration, as it costs us less time and resources to process donations.
We offer Thank You prizes as a reward to students who reach their fundraising goals, a ‘thank you’ from Heart & Stroke for their efforts, and a form of encouragement to stay physically active long after their Jump Event is over. Our fitness-themed prizes are awarded to students who reach graduated fundraising levels.

Some participating schools reserve the right to opt-out of individual prizes for students. Please check with your school to see if they are offering Thank You prizes in their Jump Rope for Heart program.

If your school is offering Thank You prizes and you do not wish to receive them, please check the box on the back of your pledge envelope (beneath the list of donor information), which says “I choose to donate my prizes back to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.” Thank you for your continued support!
In order for your Facebook Fundraiser to be recognized and credited towards your child’s fundraising efforts it needs to be set up a certain way. Click here for steps on how to successfully set up your fundraiser.

Please note that funds raised through Facebook Fundraisers cannot be counted towards Thank You Prizes and online bonus prizes.


You can sign-up your school for Jump here. Your local Heart & Stroke representative will contact you within 3 to 5 business days of submission.

If you have any questions or experience technical issues, please contact
A complete list of provincial and regional Heart & Stroke offices is available here.

If you’re not sure which office serves your community, please contact We’re happy to make the introduction!
In order to view your school’s online fundraising activities, you must first join your school as a Teacher Coordinator by following these instructions.

When you join your school as a Teacher Coordinator, your Heart & Stroke representative will be receive a notification and grant you access to the school’s team fundraising page.

Once you have access to your school’s team page, you can view students’ online fundraising activity by following these instructions.
Please connect with your Heart & Stroke representative for a copy of your school’s Master Record Sheet. The Master Record Sheet is used to record student fundraising activity by classroom and summarizes the school’s prize order based on the number of fundraisers and the level they achieved.

If you’re not sure who your Heart & Stroke representative is, please contact and we’ll gladly put you in touch.
Please work with your local Heart & Stroke representative to arrange a date and time for pledge envelope pick-up. We aim to visit the school on or shortly after the Jump Event to collect some envelopes and return one week later for the rest; however this will depend on the availability of your local Heart & Stroke representative.

A complete list of provincial and regional Heart & Stroke offices is available here.

If you’re not sure which office serves your community, please contact We’re happy to make the introduction!


If the student you wish to support has created a personal fundraising page at, you can simply search their full first and last name on the Donate page, under ‘Donate to a Student’. For privacy reasons, only school names will return in the search results. Student names will not appear. Select the school that the student you wish to support attends from the results. If two students at the same school have the same name, multiple records for the same school will return with different grade numbers.

Alternatively, you can ask the student for a link to their personal fundraising page and donate directly there.

To make an online donation to a school, simple search for the school you wish to support under ‘Donate to a School’ on the Donate page.
Yes we do! We accept all credit cards online, including American Express.
Please make all cheques payable to: Heart and Stroke Foundation.
All online donors should receive an electronic copy of their tax receipt to the email address provided on the Donate page. Sometimes receipts are automatically filtered into Junk folders by your email provider, so be sure to check there too.

If you do not receive an electronic tax receipt for your online donation, please contact and provide: your first and last name, email address, province, the first and last name of the student you wish to support, and their school.

Donors who give $20 or more in cash or cheque will be receipted via post at the mailing address provided on a student’s pledge envelope. If you have further questions or concerns about your tax receipt, please contact We’re happy to help!

Once a donation has been made, we are unable to split it between fundraisers. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.
Your support of Jump Rope for Heart helps make it possible for Heart & Stroke to achieve our mission of promoting health, saving lives and enhancing recovery. Together we are funding medical breakthroughs that tangibly improve Canadians’ heart and brain health.

Here are answers to the questions we hear most frequently from donors and people considering making a donation.