EASY is fun

Want to learn about the EASY healthy habits for heart brain health? Interested in counting your daily healthy habit streak? It’s all here for you!

Protecting your heart and brain health is as EASY as picking a favourite healthy habit to focus on as a family!

Go to jumpforheart.ca and join your school to start counting your healthy habit streak today!

Eat fruits and vegetables

Need some ideas on how to eat more fruits and vegetables?

  • Ask your parents to buy of your favourite fruits and veggies from the grocery store
  • Get your family to count how many fruits and veggies they eat every day and see who can improve the most
  • Have fruit for dessert! It can be just as sweet

Did you know?

Fill half your plate with a rainbow of fruits and veggies to keep growing up healthy.

Active for 1 hour or more

Looking to get more active?

  • Ask your parents to take you to the local park or playground
  • Walk your family’s dog, or offer to walk a neighbour’s dog in exchange for a donation.
  • Join a team at school

Did you know?

Move your body for better heart health. Ride a bike to school, play tag at recess, soccer at lunch, and help shovel snow or rake leaves at home.

Screens for 2 hours or less

How can you reduce screen your screen time?

  • Make a healthy snack with your family
  • Have everyone in your family track how many hours a day they spend in front of a screen and compete to see who can reduce their screen time the most.
  • Play with your friends outside instead of playing video games inside.

Did you know?

TVs, tablets and video games can be fun for a short while, but physical exercise is way better for your heart and brain health.

Yes to water, and no to sugary drinks

Want some tips to make it easier to follow this habit?

  • Try taking a water bottle to school and keep track of how often you refill it at the water fountain
  • Keep a jug of water in the fridge so you can have a nice cold drink whenever you want
  • Add lemons, mint, berries or cucumber slices to your water and some the yummy flavours

Did you know?

Juice and pop have too much sugar in them. When you’re thirsty, reach for a glass of water or milk, and you’ll help your body stay healthy.