Think Outside the Box

Have a fundraising idea that doesn’t fit into one of our other categories? No problem! Anything goes with this DIY fundraising option. Any way you decide to fundraise, you’ll be helping us fund lifesaving research to beat heart disease and stroke.

Get inspired and inspire others!

Read poetry. Host a virtual game night. Shave your head. It’s up to you. Your unique take on fundraising will inspire your friends and family to help fund the next big breakthrough.

Here are some ideas to get you started:*

  • Wear your clothes backwards for a day
  • Peel and eat an entire lemon
  • Virtual karaoke where your three highest donors pick the songs
  • Translate ‘O Canada’ into Klingon
  • Cook or bake something using only ingredients suggested by your highest donor

*Please follow all physical distancing rules and safety protocols in your area.

Get Started