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Welcome to Virtual Jump Rope for Heart!

This year, Jump Rope for Heart is a virtual event nobody wants to skip!

You and your kids can learn fun ways to get active for heart health while raising awareness and support for Heart & Stroke - all from home!

Our goal: 100,000 kids helping kids. Be part of the movement!

Here’s how to get started:

1. Kick-off your #VirtualJump!

Watch our Kick-off video with the whole family:

  • Learn about the heart and brain, EASY healthy habits, FAST signs of stroke, and much more.
  • Your entire family will get moving by participating in an interactive activity.
  • Also learn how to count your child’s Healthy Habit Streak in the Participant Centre.

Remember: Fundraising is online only this year and we will not be distributing or collecting pledge envelopes for cash and cheque donations.

kids jump rope

2. Jump-start your child’s fundraising efforts online

Need help registering online? Click here.


3. Start a conversation with your child about why they’re jumping

  • Ask your child what they learned from watching the Kick-off video
  • Share with your child the ways that you keep your heart and brain healthy
  • Speak to your child about the experiences of family members, friends or coworkers with heart disease and stroke

4. Practice the EASY healthy habits every day at home

Protecting your heart and brain health is as EASYas picking a favourite healthy habit to focus on as a family!


Eat fruits and vegetables- Fill half your plate with a rainbow of fruits and veggies to keep growing up healthy.


Active for 1 hour or more - The faster you move your body, the faster your heart pumps to power up your brain and muscles with blood and oxygen.


Screens for less than 2 hours per day (except for class work) - Fundraising online is fun, but most of your free time should be spent away from televisions and technology, being active to keep your heart and brain healthy.


Yes to water and no to sugary drinks - Half your body (including your heart and brain) is made of water so make sure you drink enough to fuel it.

Need some ideas to help your family practice EASY at home? Click here.

5. Empower your child to set a goal and help them with a plan to achieve it

Not sure where to start, choose one of the fundraising ideas below to get started:

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