We want you to reach your goal - and so do they

Hosting your own fundraiser is easy, rewarding, and has a real impact in the fight against heart disease and stroke. That’s why your success is our success.

Fundraise your way

Who to ask
  • Family and friends
  • Ask someone you've donated to or helped out
  • Coworkers and teammates
  • Clubs, associations, or social groups you're involved with
Fundraising ideas
  • Focus on 10 people you’d like to get a donation from
  • Donate $50 to yourself and dare others to match it
  • Think of fun and interesting incentives to entice donations
  • Ask your donors to each ask one of their friends to support you
Choose something you love

When you’re passionate about both the “why” and the “how” of your fundraiser, that passion becomes contagious, sparking interest and encouraging donations.

Set a goal

The most successful fundraisers have a clear goal. Be realistic but set the bar high. Don’t be afraid to build momentum by making the first donation yourself.


Thank you for your interest in My Own Fundraiser. Here are answers to our most common questions. Need more help? Contact us.

  • Fundraising online means less admin costs meaning more dollars go towards research and more impact.
  • Donors get their tax receipt immediately.
  • Donate by credit card.
  • Online fundraising is simple and can be done from the comfort of your home, anytime.
  • It’s safe and secure!

Fundraising involves asking for donations and sharing lifesaving information with your neighbours, friends, family, co-workers.

You will be sharing women's heart and brain health statistics, as well as signs of heart attack and stroke.

We encourage you to set a personal fundraising goal of $350 or more.

You can collect money by reaching out to your networks with your personal fundraising page link and asking them to make a donation directly to your page. You can do this via email or social media. For suggested content and tips, click here.

Your Participant Centre is your gateway for fundraising online! Use your Participant Centre to:

  1. Share your story Customize your personal page, using compelling pictures, text, even video!
  2. Make the first donation a self-donation lead the way and kick off your fundraising!
  3. Shout it from roof tops Share your page via email and social media. Make it known that you’re helping save lives!

Check out our Useful Links to learn more.

We’ve made it easy for you! Check out our email and social media resources that have customizable messaging for you to email to your contacts and share on your social media platforms.

The easiest fix is to request a new password. Simply click the link ‘Forgot Username and/or Password’ at the login page. Then follow the steps to request a password reset.

If fundraising in-person is better for you, we're here to support you! Please reach out to your local area office to request your fundraising kit .

  • Ensure that you are getting a receipt. If not, don’t donate.
  • Never donate at the door to someone who does not have professional looking identification.
  • All Heart & Stroke canvassers are knowledgeable in our mission.
  • If you have concerns, please contact Heart & Stroke’s general hotline at 1-888-473-4636.

Heart & Stroke is committed to privacy and Payment Card Industry Security Standards. For this reason, credit card donations are only accepted online through our secure site. Donors can donate directly on a canvasser’s personal fundraising page. Click here to search for a canvasser.


Online: when you donate online, you will receive your official tax receipt via email immediately. If you do not receive your tax receipt, please reach out to to request a new one.

Offline: you will receive an official tax receipt via mail by February 28th the following year.

Heart & Stroke adheres to CRA guidelines and must account for all tax receipts that have been printed and distributed which is difficult to do when in the hands of thousands of volunteers. Interim tax receipts allow for strong tax receipt control, tracking, and reporting.