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Welcome to Virtual Jump Rope for Heart

This year, Jump Rope for Heart is a virtual event nobody wants to skip!

Help inspire your students and their families all from home!

Our goal: 100,000 kids helping kids. Be part of the movement!

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Here’s how to get started:

1. Set a goal and pick a spirit booster.

Empower students to set goals and work together to achieve them!

Pick a Spirit Booster It’s easy! Choose what type of goal you want to set:

  • Team Titan - number of fundraisers
  • Goal Getter - total dollars raised

When your school reaches its goal, it's time for the reward! Would you rather:

  • Get pied in the face
  • Kiss a goat
  • Have a PJ day
  • Dream up your own reward
Spirit Booster

2. Kick-off your event!

Share the Do-It-Yourself Kick-off video with your students and their families!

  • Students will learn about the heart and brain, EASY healthy habits, FAST signs of stroke, and much more.
  • Kids get moving while participating in an interactive activity.
  • Get set up for success with tips on how to fundraise online! We also teach students how to count their Healthy Habit Streak in their Participant Centre.

Remember: Fundraising is online only this year and we will not be distributing or collecting pledge envelopes for cash and cheque donations.


3. Fundraise online!

Many kids raise twice as much when they fundraise online! Schools also earn more Give-back points.

  • Encourage your students to register online and start counting their EASY healthy habit streak!
  • Join your schoolonline and follow along to see how your students are doing.
  • Need help registering online and joining your school? Check out these instructions.
Go Online

4. Raise awareness!

We want everyone to get excited for #VirtualJump! Here are some tips to help you spread the word.

  • Mention Virtual Jump Rope for Heart on your school’s social media pages and get everyone cheering about your progress.
  • Show off your school’s creativity by asking families to tag us in photos and videos using the hashtag #VirtualJump.

Check out the rally your school online page for more ideas!


5. Have fun! Be active! Help others!

Here are some fun ideas and resources to help you make #VirtualJump Event Day on June 19th a high-flying success:

Thank your students for their hard work by giving them a Participation Certificate!

Event Day