Big Bike = Big Impact

Why ride Heart & Stroke Big Bike? We‘re glad you asked. Learn more about your perks, advantages for companies, prizes and more.

What is Big Bike?

In short, it’s a vehicle of hope.

Fueled by 30 riders with a desire to make a difference, the Big Bike is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Imagine stopping traffic while cruising through your community on a giant bike (where do you think we got the name?) to the applause and appreciation of onlookers all while fundraising for critical heart disease and stroke research.

When you ride the Big Bike, you help us achieve our vision of healthier lives free of heart disease and stroke across Canada. And while doing so, you’ll also get to hang out with friends and coworkers, enjoy some fresh air and exercise, not to mention a chance to win individual and team prizes. Team fundraising starts at $2,000 for this unforgettable experience.

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Your perks

Riding a giant, 30-person bike is a ridiculously fun experience. But there are other perks to riding a Big Bike, too. Like what? Glad you asked.

Team Building

Laugh your way through our fun, team warm-up activities before your ride and enjoy some friendly competition with your colleagues.

Learn About Our Mission & More

Learn essential life-saving techniques and hear more about how your contributions create change and even, save lives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

When your company registers for Big Bike, you get more than bragging rights and a fun coffee break. Demonstrate your company’s values and boost employee morale and engagement through your support.

Promote Health & Wellness

Enjoy a healthy break in your workday. Get outside, enjoy the fresh air and have your heart pumping.

Rewards & Prizes

As a thank you for raising money for lifesaving heart disease and stroke research, enjoy our awesome incentive rewards.


Coming Soon!

Start a Team
Raise $1,000 = $100Gift card + Buff
Raise $500 = $30Gift card + Buff
Raise $400 = $20Gift card + Buff
Raise $300 = $15Gift card + Buff
Raise $200 = $10Gift card + Buff
Raise $100 = Buff


Thank you for your interest in Heart & Stroke’s Big Bike. While we always want to hear from you, we’ve tried to answer some of the most common questions we get below.

All Big Bike teams must raise a minimum of $2,000 in order to ride the Big Bike.
We want all of our participants to be as successful as possible with their fundraising. That’s why we have created fundraising resources to assist your team, such as the Fundraising A-Z guide You do need to raise at least $2,000 in order to ride the Big Bike on event day. Talk with your Big Bike coordinator for other fundraising strategies and what has made other Big Bike teams successful.
Since Big Bike costs money to operate, the team fundraising minimum is $2,000. This has proven to be a very realistic goal and we have many teams who raise much more than this. We encourage you to set your sights high. Talk with your Big Bike coordinator about setting a realistic fundraising goal for your team. It’s surprising how quickly donations add up once you put your heart, creativity, and commitment into securing donations for our world-class researchers across Canada. The key is to start early!
Online. Here’s why:
  • It’s quick for you - Once you register, you get an online Participant Centre. From there, you can send out emails asking for support and people can donate directly to your personal fundraising page. You can also share your personal fundraising page link on social media to increase exposure and drive more donations.
  • It’s easy for your donors - They can donate securely online and will immediately receive a tax receipt for their contribution.
  • It’s cost-effective for us - When you raise money online, we use fewer resources to process donations. That means, more of the money can help fund critical research, support survivors and their families, and help Canadians live healthier lives.
Register and log in to your online Participant Centre to start fundraising today!
Yes! First, search by the team name if you know it, or by your captain’s name. If your team still isn’t appearing, you’ll have to ask your captain to register the team online first. Once the team is registered, you’ll be able to register online and raise money online.
  • Log in to your online Participant Centre
  • Hit “Enter a New Gift” on the right-hand side
  • Enter the contact information for the donor and gift information
  • Choose the payment type
  • Click "Add"
Once you do that, the gift will show up as part of your total. Please note that only the team captain can add an offline gift to your team page. Follow these steps to do so:
  • Log in to your online Participant Centre
  • Select “View your Progress” on the right-hand side
  • Click on “Team” Hit “Enter a New Gift”
  • Enter the contact information for the donor and gift information
  • Choose the payment type
  • Click "Add"
First of all, we’re so glad you joined us! With your help, we’ll create more survivors!
Here are our top 3 fundraising tips:
  • Send emails to friends, family and colleagues asking for support. In your online Participant Centre, there's a pre-written email that you can use.
  • Make a self-donation. This shows people that you’re serious about reaching your goal, and it helps them choose their own donation amount. Plus, it gets you that much closer to your goal!
  • Ask for a specific donation amount. Sometimes people don’t know how much money to give, so they don’t give anything. Remove that roadblock by suggesting an amount like $50.
Corporate Matching Donation Programs are offered by many Canadian companies. Companies offering this program will match their employee’s charitable donations dollar for dollar. The Corporate Match Donation can be made as a lump sum on behalf of your whole Heart & Stroke Big Bike team, or it can be divided amongst all of your riders and applied to each team member’s individual fundraising goal.
Download our Corporate Match form, here.
Many Canadian companies do offer a Corporate Matching Donation Program. The best way to find out if yours does is to ask someone in the corporate donations office or the human resources department.
If your employer does participate, ask for a matching gift application form. Fill out the form, return it to the appropriate department and forward the matching gift to your Heart & Stroke Big Bike representative. Find your local Heart & Stroke office.
It’s home to all of your online fundraising and recruitment tools. From your online Participant Centre, you can:
  • Customize your personal fundraising page with a story and photo
  • Send fundraising and recruitment emails (there are pre-written templates that you can use)
  • Monitor your progress
  • Share your page on social media using the share tools
  • Edit your username, password, and fundraising goal
  • Log in to your Participant Centre
  • Click on the “Personal Page” tab
  • Edit your page title and body copy as you’d like
  • Click the “Save” button
If you want to use a pre-written template:
  • Log in to your Participant Centre
  • Click on the “Email” tab
  • Click the Copy to Clipboard button for the template you wish to use
  • Paste the email into your preferred email provider
  • Edit the customizable fields, select your recipients and hit send
Yes, you can! It’s very similar to sending a fundraising email.
  • Go to your Participant Centre
  • Click on the “Email” tab
  • Select the Thank You Email Template and click the “Copy to Clipboard” button
  • Paste the email into your preferred email provider
  • Edit the customizable fields, select your recipients and hit send
  • Log in to your online Participant Centre
  • Click on “Profile” at the very top of your screen
  • Click on “Edit Your Profile”
  • Change the information as necessary
  • Click “Done” to save the changes
It happens. Just contact us, and we can put you on the right team.
Great! Please contact us so we can get your new team set up.
The easiest fix is to request a new password. Click the link ‘Forgot Username and/or Password’ at the login page. Then follow the steps to request a password reset.
It’s quick and easy.
  • Log in to your online Participant Centre
  • Click on “Team Page” tab
  • Click on “edit” on the right-hand side
  • Hit “Save”
If you change your team name, remember to let your teammates know.
It’s easy! Simply contact us and provide the names of the new and former captains as well as the team name.