Big Bike = Big Impact

Why ride Heart & Stroke Big Bike? We‘re glad you asked. Learn more about your perks, advantages for companies, prizes and more.

What is Big Bike?

In short, it’s a vehicle of hope.

Fueled by 30 riders with a desire to make a difference, the Big Bike is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Imagine stopping traffic while cruising through your community on a giant bike (where do you think we got the name?) to the applause and appreciation of onlookers all while fundraising for critical heart disease and stroke research.

When you ride the Big Bike, you help us achieve our vision of healthier lives free of heart disease and stroke across Canada. And while doing so, you’ll also get to hang out with friends and coworkers, enjoy some fresh air and exercise, not to mention a chance to win individual and team prizes. Team fundraising starts at $2,000 for this unforgettable experience.

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Your perks

Riding a giant, 30-person bike is a ridiculously fun experience. But there are other perks to riding a Big Bike, too. Like what? Glad you asked.

Team Building

Laugh your way through our fun, team warm-up activities before your ride and enjoy some friendly competition with your colleagues.

Learn About Our Mission & More

Learn essential life-saving techniques and hear more about how your contributions create change and even, save lives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

When your company registers for Big Bike, you get more than bragging rights and a fun coffee break. Demonstrate your company’s values and boost employee morale and engagement through your support.

Promote Health & Wellness

Enjoy a healthy break in your workday. Get outside, enjoy the fresh air and have your heart pumping.

Rewards & Prizes

As a thank you for raising money for lifesaving heart disease and stroke research, enjoy our awesome incentive rewards.


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