EASY Healthy Habits

Jump Rope for Heart is more than a fundraiser. It teaches students EASY life-long habits by encouraging kids to be active, live healthy and track their healthy habits online. A lesson students will value for life!

Here is what EASY stands for:

Eat vegetables and fruits

Between the ages of 6 and 12, kids develop eating habits that may carry into adulthood.

Active for 1 hour or more

Kids who are active a minimum of 60 minutes daily are more likely to become healthy, active adults.

Screens for 2 hours or less

Children should spend most of their free time away from televisions and technology, being active to keep their heart and brain healthy.

Yes, to water, and no to sugary drinks

Half your body (including your heart and brain) is made of water so make sure they drink enough to fuel it.

EASY habits and how to count your streak

Healthy students are better learners! Protecting students’ heart and brain health has never been so EASY and we are encouraging kids to count and share their healthy habit streak daily.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Students pick the healthy habit they want to practice when they register online.
  2. Every day the student practices their healthy habit, they can login to count their streak.
  3. Your online school page will total the number of days that participating students have counted towards each EASY healthy habit.
  4. You can access a detailed report of which student has tracked how many healthy habits for how many days through your Participant Centre. We encourage you to bring healthy habit tracking challenges/ contests into your classrooms.
  5. To bring healthy habits into your classroom you can play our fun Easy Online Challenge with activities, games and quizzes around the habits or check out our Jump Activity Guide.

Did you know that healthy habits today help reduce kids’ risk of heart disease and stroke later in life? That’s why it’s so important for students to practice the EASY Healthy Habits every day.

HeartSmart ™ Kids Teachable Moments

HeartSmart™ Teachable Moments are FREE education materials that include lesson plans for your classroom!

These fun, age-appropriate materials contain activities that will teach students how to protect their heart and brain health.

Choose your grade level and select a topic below to get started and bring the EASY healthy habits to life!