Event Day Fun & Games

Take a leap and help kids across Canada!

Run your event in-school, or virtually—whatever works best for your school!

Use the following tools & resources to help plan an unforgettable event!

In-School event ideas

Check out these ideas and tips to help your school have an amazing Jump Day!

It is up to each school to ensure you are following local public health and school board rules and policies for your event activities.

Outdoor stations

If the school yard is large enough, set up different physically distanced stations and have classes take turns rotating to each station throughout the duration of your event day. Stations can include: skipping, an obstacle course, Hula-Hoop activities.

In classrooms

Have each class participate on event day in their own classroom. Play Simon Says, musical chairs or skipping games!

In gym class

Host Jump throughout a week and have classes participate during their scheduled gym class! Set up different physically distanced skipping stations using Jump Rope for Heart Skipping skills posters and have students complete each activity as part of their Jump Event.

Virtual Event Ideas

Check out these ideas and tips to help your school have an amazing Virtual Jump Day!

Share the event day video

Organize a date and time to air the Event day video in all your online classrooms to get all students participating in Jump!

Participate in your virtual classroom

Have every teacher get their students in their classrooms to learn a new skipping trick/skill and demonstrate it in the virtual classroom!

Participate in school-wide virtual event day

Select a school-wide event day and have students in every virtual classroom spend 30 minutes skipping or doing a physical activity with their families.

Create classroom competition

Have every virtual classroom dedicate a date & time to complete activities such as musical jump. Make it a challenge and see which classroom can complete the most activities during the time frame you select!

Event Day Video

Show this fun, informative video on your school’s event day, or to kick off any events you have planned.

If you are hosting your event virtually, you can share this video in your online classrooms and have students participate from home!

Event Day Video

Skipping Skills Posters

If applicable, use the skipping skills posters for jump activity stations on Event Day or to help students develop their skills before the big day.

Skipping skills posters

Event day playlist

Play this playlist on event day or during your online event!


Thank your supporters!

Your supporters deserve a big thank you! Use these resources to show your appreciation after your event!

Thank-you e-card send to families to thank them for participating.

Share the new Thank You Video we made just for you! Send it to anyone who deserves special recognition.

Student certificate to thank your students for participating!