Kick-off your event!

New this year, introduce Jump Rope for Heart to your students with an exciting digital Kick-Off Assembly!

Students will learn the EASY healthy habits, the lifesaving FAST signs of stroke, and get excited about JUMP!

Here’s How:

  1. Schedule a dedicated time to have your whole school watch it, whether it’s in a socially distanced assembly, shown per classroom, or shown in your online classrooms!
  2. Spread the word by sending a Save the Date e-card to parents to let them know Jump is happening and to save the Kick-Off Assembly date!
  3. Click here for the Digital Kick-Off assembly to share with all your students! (If your school is not issuing prizes, please use this version.)
  4. Send this Parent Letter to parents via email immediately following the assembly.

Go online

NEW THIS YEAR - 100% online fundraising

We’re making things easier this year so all fundraising will be done online, in two easy steps:

  1. Encourage students to register online and start counting their EASY healthy habit streak!
  2. Join your school online as a Teacher Coordinator and follow along to see how your students are doing.
Join Your School
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