Welcome to Jump Rope for Heart - the school event nobody wants to skip!

Use Teachers’ Corner to discover the information, tools and resources at your fingertips to run #JumpRopeForHeart this year!

Ready to get started? Register your school, or if you have done so already, sign up as a Teacher Coordinator and then follow the instructions below.

Next, follow these simple steps to run your event:

  1. Plan your event
  2. Kick off your event
  3. Rally your school
  4. Host your event day
  5. Practice healthy habits at school

Check out this step-by-step checklist for detailed instructions on how to run Jump from start to finish!

Get started with this Jump planning video

In this video you will learn about:

Once you’ve watched the video, please complete the Jump Planning Google Form so that we can order your registration kit to help you prepare for your event!

Jump Planning Video

Set a goal and pick a spirit booster

Spirit Boosters are a great way to boost school spirit, teamwork, and fun! Decide which Spirit Booster is right for your school and set a school goal. Pick from any of the rewards presented here or dream up your own! Here are a few examples:

If school raises <$> online, students get an extended recess

If school raises more than last year, teachers have to sing a karaoke song on camera or in school

If <#> of students fundraise online, school gets to have a virtual dance party

If <#> of classes fundraise, principal gets pied in school or on camera

Choose a give-back reward

Earn rewards for your school!

The Give-back program is our way of saying thank you for putting students' heart and brain health first.

HeartSmart Points

While you fundraise, earn HeartSmart points redeemable for school supplies, sports equipment, electronics and more!

For every $1 your school raises online = 1 HeartSmart™ Point

For every student that fundraises (any amount) = 2 HeartSmart™ Points

For every student that tracks a healthy habit online = 2 HeartSmart™ Points

10% Cheque Back

Get 10% of net fundraising dollars back for your school and spend it on what you need most!

Donate Back

Donate back to Heart & Stroke to fund more life-saving research!