A day to make every beat count

Event Day is almost here! Time to celebrate! Ride, walk or run your route your way and join supporters across Canada for the Manulife Heart & Stroke Ride for Heart. Get the full experience on our Ride for Heart app!

Ride for Heart joins ActiveTO!

Heart & Stroke is bringing Ride for Heart to ActiveTO in Toronto on Sunday, May 29. The event will serve as a fun warm-up to the national Manulife Heart & Stroke Ride for Heart virtual event, happening on June 5.

Bring your friends, family or team members down to the 6 km route along Toronto's Lakeshore West. Everyone who walks, runs or rides together in this free event will help to raise awareness for our mission to beat heart disease and stroke. Show your support for Heart & Stroke by wearing red and earn the chance to win prizes from the Heart & Stroke Street Team!

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Toronto Lakeshore West

You can’t beat Event Day ‐ June 5!

This is a day of celebration! Have an exciting, fun-filled day of making an impact and inspiring your supporters! See and hear moving stories from researchers and survivors along your route. It’s easy!

On June 5 (or any day in June), simply log into the app and you’ll be prompted to begin your Event Day experience. You can customize and track your progress along one of our digital heart maps.

Enjoy this special day by making every beat count and sharing in the common goal of beating heart disease and stroke together. Here’s everything you need to know to make the most of this heart-filled day!

Exciting app features!

Get the full Event Day experience through our Ride for Heart app. Features include:

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Set an Event Day distance goal, choose a player icon, and select the heart-shaped map you want to complete!

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Unlock milestones as you progress through your route and get inspired by survivor and researcher stories, and thank you messages.

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Watch for special announcements throughout the day.

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Share your Event Day celebrations in the NEW Community Hub and post to your social pages!

How to gear up

Here are some ideas on how to prepare for Event Day on June 5:

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Download our exciting Ride for Heart mobile app to select your virtual heart map and get the full Ride experience!

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Order shirts & other items from the Heart & Stroke shop by May 13 to receive by Event Day.

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Download and decorate your printable finish line and participant bib and use the colouring sheet for family fun.

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Get warmed up while listening to your Event Day playlist on Spotify.

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Attention corporate team captains: download our Event Day ideas guide to encourage team excitement.

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Boost your own health leading up to Event Day with our Road to Health and Wellness.

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And keep fundraising to help support lifesaving research!

Make June 5 a day to celebrate!

Here’s how to make this a day to remember:

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Login to the Ride for Heart mobile app

  • Access special Event Day content, and choose your virtual heart map and player icon.
  • Have fun tracking your progress as you complete your route.
  • Track your fundraising progress.
  • Get motivated with special audio and video messages from survivors and researchers.
  • Share your excitement and achievements on the NEW Community Hub and your social channels.

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Have fun completing your route

  • Ride, walk or run the route you created in Google Maps, one of our virtual heart maps in the app or a route of your own, and help save lives!
  • Complete your activities at your own pace, on June 5, or any day in June.
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Connect, share & celebrate with heart!

  • Kick-off Event Day by revving up with All Day Fit watch their warm-up video made especially for you.
  • Wear your support your participant bib, VIP jersey, Corporate Challenge shirt, or special Ride apparel from our Heart & Stroke shop.
  • Write the name of the person you are sharing your heart for on your participant bib.
  • Connect with other participants through our NEW Community Hub on the app.
  • Check out our fundraising and activity leaderboards to see where you rank among all of our supporters.
  • Share your photos and Event Day fun and successes on social media using #HeartAndStrokeRideAsOne.