Making a difference

Powered by fundraisers, donors, volunteers and supporters, Heart & Stroke leads the fight against heart disease and stroke. Thanks to you, our work has saved thousands of people’s lives and improved life for millions of others.

Making a difference, because of you

You likely know someone who is alive and well thanks to the countless people who have supported our cause with their time and donations.

Your generosity has helped

Prolong the life of a dad who’s son recognized the signs of a stroke after a Jump Rope for Heart assembly.

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A daughter recognize the signs that her mom was having a stroke, and make the life-saving call to 9-1-1, because she heard Alan Frew talking about the FAST signs on the radio.

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Prolong the life of a woman who was treated with a clot-busting drug after having a stroke.

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Save a man’s life because his wife had learned CPR, a basic emergency procedure that Heart & Stroke is constantly teaching, improving and refining.

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Life-saving advances made possible by you


Discovery of a molecule linked to 1 in 5 cases of heart failure creates potential for preventing this debilitating condition.


ESCAPE trial shows that treating major strokes by removing blood clots through blood vessels cuts deaths by 50% and reduces disability in survivors.

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Researchers identify important gender differences in the development of high blood pressure.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. To help save more lives, donate now.

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The Manulife Heart & Stroke Virtual Ride for Heart wouldn’t exist without our generous sponsors and partners. We are grateful for the support from the people behind these caring organizations.

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