Get involved

It’s your move! Have fun while supporting research that saves lives.

Ways to participate

Ride, walk or move on your own - as a team, or with your colleagues. Just remember to stay safe.


Use your Personal Fundraising page to set a goal and share your activity goal (distance, time, repetitions, steps, etc.) with your supporters. Stay connected with other participants on our social channels.



Virtually gather your family and friends to form a General or VIP Team and fundraise toward a collective goal.


Corporate Team

Enjoy a virtual team-building experience by taking on the ride, walk or move with your colleagues in the Corporate Challenge.


Become a VIP Fundraiser!

Power up your support for Heart & Stroke and our mission while elevating your experience, it’s a win-win! Only 10% of our event participants are VIPs (Very Important Philanthropists), and yet VIPs are responsible for an incredible 45% of our funds raised! Every completed VIP receives a Ride for Heart cycling jersey or technical T-shirt and personalized fundraising support.

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Become a sponsor

Armed with a renewed focus and an unwavering commitment, we are charting new territory as we lead the fight against heart disease and stroke. But we can’t do it alone. Together with our partners, we are working to promote healthier lives, fund life-saving research, and support the millions of Canadians living with heart disease and stroke.

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Your support is more critical than ever because the emerging data confirms that people living with heart disease and stroke are at greater risk for developing serious medical conditions if infected with COVID-19. They’re turning to Heart & Stroke for credible information from our medical experts. This is helping them stay safe and healthy (both physically and mentally) while managing their conditions and dealing with reduced access to health and rehabilitation services.

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We’ve tried to answer many common questions below, but if you need additional help, please get in touch.

The Virtual Ride for Heart is our way of gathering remotely to ride, walk or move and raise critically important funds for heart disease and stroke research. While we’re not able to come together in person this year, we’ve found a way for you to continue to support our life-saving mission and have fun while doing it. We don’t have all the details for you just yet, but we’re working hard to make sure our Virtual Ride for Heart is an exciting event for all of us.

The health and safety of participants, their families, and all our Heart & Stroke employees and volunteers is our top priority. Following important public health restrictions due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, we are shifting to a virtual event, open to people no matter where they live. While we can't gather in person this year, what has not changed is our shared commitment in the fight against heart disease and stroke.

We hosted a Virtual Ride for Heart livestream on June 7. Did you miss the livestream? Watch the complete event video here

No, but there are many apps available for smartphones that you can track your exercise with. These include Strava, RunTracker and many more. Many phones have built-in step trackers that you can use to track your activity as well. What’s most important is that you get active and have fun, while raising funds to support Heart & Stroke.

With your support, Heart & Stroke leads the fight against heart disease and stroke. With the COVID-19 crisis, we need you now more than ever. Emerging data shows that people we protect are at greater risk for developing serious medical conditions if infected with COVID-19.

This crisis has changed all of our lives and has changed how we hold events; it is why this year’s Ride for Heart is moving to a 100 percent online experience. Your fundraising support will help us continue to do our important work, and we need it now more than ever.

The cancellation of our spring and summer events means that Heart & Stroke is looking at an immediate $25 million revenue shortfall, an alarming amount to lose, which puts a strain on the vital work we do the work that supporters like you so generously contribute to. By supporting the Virtual Ride for Heart, you can help support those who are most vulnerable today.

If you have already registered for Ride for Heart, you will be automatically registered for the new virtual event. No additional action is required on your part, other than to keep fundraising and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to participate. In the next little while, we will update you with information about the experience that you can look forward to at the Virtual Ride for Heart.

If you’ve already registered for Ride for Heart, you should have received an email about our shift to a virtual event this year. If you are not able to take part this year, there is a link to a form in the email providing you with the option to either donate your registration fee and receive a charitable tax receipt, or to request a refund. If you did not receive this email and would like to either donate your registration fee or ask for a refund, please contact us by email at Refund requests will be accepted until April 27, 2020, and will be refunded back to the credit card that was originally used.

We are not able to transfer this year’s registration to next year’s event. We have already transferred your registration to the 2020 virtual event. Alternatively, you have the option to donate your registration fee to receive a charitable tax receipt or request a refund for this year’s registration fee if you are not able to participate. Please email by April 27, 2020, to request a refund or to convert your registration fee to a donation.

You can complete the physical activity of your choice on June 7, which is the Virtual Ride for Heart event date, or at any other time of your choice during the month of June. What’s most important is that you get fundraising, get active and enjoy the Virtual Ride for Heart!

Thank you! You can register for the virtual event through our online registration. The registration fees have been reduced to $30, with a suggested fundraising goal of $100.

By participating in the Virtual Ride for Heart, you’re leading by example by participating in a fun, active experience, while raising critical funds and awareness for Heart & Stroke. Your registration fee includes one of our amazing finisher medals, as well as a branded souvenir item, which will be mailed to you in June.

We are extremely appreciative of any donation to support the work Heart & Stroke continues to do in our fight against heart disease & stroke, which are two of the three leading causes of death in Canada. In these challenging times, we need your support now more than ever so that we can continue to do the important work we do. To support someone participating in the virtual event, please donate through their personal page. Otherwise, you can make a general donation.

If you have already paid registration, you have automatically been transferred to the Virtual Ride for Heart event. Registration fees do not count towards your fundraising total.

Anywhere that is safe to do so. Please make sure you are following public health guidelines regarding physical distancing and avoid using closed trails or parks, for example. Your health, as well as the health of others, is of utmost importance to Heart & Stroke during these unprecedented circumstances. You can complete your activity anywhere you choose as long as you meet these parameters. We will be providing additional information as we continue the transition to a virtual event, so stay tuned.

You can choose to participate how YOU want to participate, with the activity, the distance and/or time of your choice. Now, more than ever, it’s important to remain physically active. Whether it’s riding a bike, walking, or participating in something else active, physical activity reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke.

No! You can do whatever distance or activity is best for you. While we encourage you to do a distance that is similar to the one you chose when registering for the in-person event, the choice is entirely yours. If you planned to walk 5km or ride 25km/50m or 75km we encourage you to do so as part of your commitment to your donors who are supporting your efforts as well as our life-saving work at Heart & Stroke.

Each registered participant will receive an event kit which will include a finishers medal and a branded souvenir item.

If you registered after June 7, you will receive your event thank you kit including a Heart & Stroke souvenir and a finisher’s medal, in early July.

Our fundraising incentives, including both the gift card rewards and VIP jerseys for our top fundraisers, are still available and apply to your fundraising for this year’s Virtual Ride for Heart. Visit our rewards page for more details on this year’s fundraising incentives.

Yes! You absolutely can still join an existing team or create one of your own to which you can invite friends, family and colleagues. If you are part of a corporate team, please ensure you select “Corporate” during the registration process. You can register now online.

Please be sure to follow public health and government advice on physical distancing during your activity. While we encourage you to participate as a team, it is important that we do our part to keep each other and our communities safe. That means that while you can have a team for your Virtual Ride for Heart, be sure to follow the necessary rules and regulations set out by your provincial or territorial government, and local public health officials. This means doing things like only riding or walking alongside members of your own household and keeping at least two metres apart from other people you might encounter while outside.

If you are interested in starting a corporate team, please contact Sam Bryant T: 647-943-3037 or Nadine T: 647-943-3231 directly or email us at We look forward to your organization joining us!

Although we can’t be together in person this year, we won’t let that stop us from supporting, encouraging and celebrating our accomplishments. We encourage you to share your photos, accomplishments and more on social media using #VirtualRideForHeart and challenge yourself to one of our Weekly Challenges presented by Manulife.

There are some amazing digital tools available for your smartphone that can help you track your activity. These include Strava, Endomondo, Map my Fitness, Samsung Health and more. Most smartphones also have a built-in program to help leverage the phone’s GPS. There are also wearables like a Garmin, Apple Watch or Samsung Gear. We’re working to explore options to help you track your activity and will update you as soon as we can!

Ride for Heart is entering our 33rd straight year, and we don’t plan on stopping now. We have no doubt that we will not only be back, but even better in 2021 as we once again take over traffic-free highways in Toronto!

Everyone who has registered for the Virtual Ride for Heart will receive a finisher’s medal as part of the physical participant event kit.

Children of all ages can participate and should complete their Virtual Ride, Walk or move activity under the supervision of their parents or guardian.

Register online now! It’s easy:

  1. Go to our registration page
  2. Choose to participate as an individual, team or part of the Corporate Challenge
  3. Select if you want to ride, walk or move

Then follow the on-screen prompts through the registration process by providing your details, checking the box on the waiver, reviewing your info, and making a payment. That’s it; you’re done!

If you need a hand registering, simply contact us at (416) 486-RIDE (7433) or email and we’ll help you out.

Yes, you can register as an individual, group or Corporate Challenge team.

Individuals are single participants who are excited to raise funds for the Heart & Stroke Foundation and participate in the Virtual Ride for Heart.

Teams are 2 or more people who will be raising funds and participating virtually together. So, if you’re participating virtually with at least 1 other person (such as a friend, co-worker, group or club member) choose the group option when registering.

The Corporate Challenge is a virtual team building and morale-boosting experience for employees to stay connected while giving back to their community. Corporate Challenge teams can be made up of riders and walkers.

No, but you will receive a tax receipt for all your donations. In accordance with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulations, registration fees do not qualify for charitable tax receipts.

Yes. Each person simply has to complete the online registration form and sign an event waiver. If a participant is less than 18 years old, a parent (or custodian) will have to sign the waiver on the child's behalf.

Thank you so much for encouraging others to join you. Register now.

Yes, your Captain can make this change in their Participant Centre.

Simply log in to your fundraising page, and then click on the “my team” link.

All adult individual participants will incur the same registration fee. The advantage of joining a group is that you can monitor your team stats together.

Thank you so much! Simply contact our Corporate Challenge Coordinator staff at or 647-943-3037. We’ll happily get your team set up and be here to support you along the way.

That’s great! You’ll just need to know your team name and your team’s discount code, to ensure you are not charged for joining your team. You can ask your team captain if you aren’t sure.

  1. Go to our registration page
  2. Choose "Join a Team" and then select “Corporate”
  3. Select “Ride”, “Walk” or “Move”
  4. Select "Join as a new participant" or Log in
  5. Search for your Team name
  6. Click on the “Join Team” button

Once you do that, you’ll be taken through a few short steps:

  • Select the correct participant type to join a Corporate Challenge Team from the list
  • Provide your details and enter the discount code to waive the registration fee
  • Tick the box on the waiver
  • Review your registration

We challenge all participants over 18 years of age to raise $100 outside of their registration fee. However, there are no fundraising minimums to participate in the virtual event.

Keep in mind that if you’d like to be a VIP you must raise at least $1,000. Whatever your goal, you can do it!

It’s never been easier!

First, log in to your Participant Centre. From there, you can send emails to your friends and family. You’ll find recruitment, donation request and thank you email templates that will link directly back to your personal donation page.

Watch our instructional video to learn how to send fundraising emails from your Participant Centre.

The dollars you raise help fund critical research. See how we put donated dollars to work.

We challenge each adult on your team to raise $100, unless on a VIP Team.

Here are some quick tips:

  • Check out our fundraising tips.
  • Get started by donating to your own fundraising page. It’ll set the bar and bring you that much closer!

Unfortunately, no. In an effort to offer equal opportunity to participants raising funds outside of the Corporate Match week, this does not count towards your fundraising goal.

You may have heard the recent news that Facebook has now enabled fundraising tools across Canada. Facebook Fundraisers are a valuable tool to help you utilize the platform to fundraise from friends and family for your event.

It is important to know that Facebook Fundraisers do not automatically integrate with your Ride for Heart fundraising account. Before you get started, we wanted to provide you with guidelines to be sure you set-up your Facebook Fundraiser in a way that is able to be tracked and credited to your fundraising efforts.


  1. Select Fundraisers on your Facebook navigation menu. This will be found on the left side of your browser for desktop devices and in the drop-down menu on Facebook mobile applications.
  2. From the Fundraisers screen, select the Raise Money button, you will be prompted to set-up your fundraiser. Please follow the next steps to ensure your fundraiser will be recognized by Heart & Stroke and properly credited to your Ride for Heart fundraising account.
  3. From the Who are you raising money for? menu, select Charity and search for The Heart & Stroke Foundation.
  4. Upon selecting The Heart & Stroke Foundation, you will be prompted to enter a dollar amount and end date for your fundraiser.
  5. On the next menu screen, update the title of your fundraiser to include Ride for Heart, First and Last Name, City, Team Name (if applicable). This is the only way Heart & Stroke will be able to identify your fundraiser and link your Facebook Fundraiser to your fundraising account.
  6. Once you have completed this entry, continue on and create your fundraiser on the next menu screen.


  • Funds raised through Facebook Fundraising will take up to 60 days to be credited to your Ride for Heart fundraising account.
  • Funds raised through Facebook Fundraisers cannot be used for time-sensitive fundraising challenges.
  • To guarantee that funds raised will be allocated towards your event fundraising account be sure to follow each step above and include all relevant information as outlined.

Watch our instructional video to share your fundraising page on social media.

Watch our instructional video to learn how to update your fundraising page in the Participant Centre.

Yes, you’re a VIP - congratulations! You have made a significant contribution to our mission, and we extend additional perks to our VIPs as a thank you for your hard work learn more here.

No, there is no penalty. The only difference in that case is that you would not receive VIP Perks. Thank you so much for your dedication to supporting our mission!

Of course! Please contact and include the names and emails of those you want to team up with!

Your gift card will be emailed to you by the end of August, at latest. Please email us at if you have not received yours by this time.

Yes! All participants will receive a participant event kit, which includes a finishers medal and a branded souvenir item. If you are a VIP and have raised $1,000 by the May 20 or June 7 mailing deadlines you will also receive your VIP jersey in the same kit. If you surpass the $1,000 VIP threshold AFTER the mailing dates, don’t worry, we’ll still make sure you get your jersey, it just may be in early July.

Yes! If, as a team, you raise $1000 for every adult participant then everybody on the team will receive a VIP Jersey or Technical T. For example, a 4-person team with a total of $4000 in funds raised automatically qualifies as a VIP team, regardless of individual fundraising amounts. To learn more, please contact us at

Contact us at