My Own Fundraiser 2020 - City of Toronto & Nunavut

Leslie & Giles Insurance Limited Fitness Challenge

Thanks for joining our Charity Event!

We’re fundraising for #MoreMoments!
We started this fundraiser to help Heart & Stroke fund the next research breakthrough. The donations we raise will support initiatives in our community that promote health, save lives, and enhance recovery.

Please donate to participate today!

We challenge you to do at least 30min of physical activity every day for 30 days in the month of December. Get your heart pumping to promote good health and a worthy cause.

Here are some fun fitness ideas:

  • go for a walk;
  • home yoga video;
  • dance party in the living room;
  • gym session with a friend!

 Get moving, donate, and invite your friends and family to join the challenge. Encourage each other to commit to active living for your long-term health! 

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