Virtual Ride for Heart

Praxair Heart Riders & Walkers

On June 7th The Praxair team planned to ride & walk again in support of the Manulife Ride for Heart. It would have been an incredible day as we celebrate the critically important funds we have raised together for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, which has been fueling medical breakthroughs for over six decades!

Last year the Praxair Heart Riders team was one of the top fundraising team in the Design & Manufacturing category. 

Now, because of COVID-19 the Praxair team is participating the Manulife Heart & Stroke Virtual Ride for Heart. Now more than ever, your participation is critical to help Heart & Stroke continue the incredible work that they do especially since people living with heart disease and stroke are facing new risks due to COVID-19.

Click the Join Team button to join the team.

We ask all team members to commit to fundraising or donating a minimum of $200to maximize our impact on the mission to create more survivors. More importantly, our fundraising will help save lives.

Only current and former Praxair/Linde employees and their family members can join the team.

Because of COVID-19 you can join only as a Virtual team member! This means that even if you cannot ride or walk with us you can fundraise in support of our team, and if you want to ride or walk, you can do it at the location of your choice :(.

Instructions to Join the Team:

Select Corporate when asked How will you be participating.

You can Login if you are a returning participant or Join as a new Participant in in case you are a new one.

Returning participants should be automatically assigned to the Praxair Heart Riders and Walkers team.

New participants should search for Praxair Heart Riders and Walkers or select it from the drop-down

Enter a fundraising goal of $200 or more. Our goal is to have a team average of $400+, so more you raise the better it is.

Bypass the registration fee with Discount Code. Please only share the code with current and former Praxair/Linde employees and their family members.


Tom Siklos (, Colleen Kavanagh ( team captains








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