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Heart of Gold

I wanna live, I wanna give...

This team began back in 2016 when the Ride first added the 5km walk option. I had been doing the ride for years and had always had generous support from my colleagues at work, none of them were cyclists. When the 5 km walk was added it became an opportunity to invite my generous supporters over the years to join me and the Simmons Pet Food team was born. That first year we had 29 team members participate! Over the last few years some of the original team members have moved on from Simmons so the team has evolved into a community based team open to current and former colleagues, friends and family. Together we Ride or Walk in support of the life-saving research of the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

For years we’ve seen that heart disease can be passed down through generations, but now we know that family history can double your risk of heart disease and stroke.

This is alarming because it seems like everyone we know can identify a family member or friend with a family history of cardiovascular disease. We don’t want to lose these loved ones before their time. We don’t believe our genes should determine our fate.

Today researchers have identified 20-30% of the genes involved in heart disease and stroke. Doctors predict that we could know 100% within as little as 5 years. That’s huge! And only possible if the research continues.

We are excited to support this research and more like it by fundraising for the 2020 Manulife Heart & Stroke Ride for Heart. We need your help. Please donate today!


Thank you. 

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